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Thanks for dropping in and checking out my wedding photography. If we’re going to spend time together though, it’s important to get the right fit. That will make the biggest difference.

So a bit about me then! And I’d love to hear more about you too.

I’m a happy and relaxed, slightly perfectionist, photographer from the North West of England. I’ve been with camera for nearly 20 years now, and in that time I’ve tried and done pretty much everything – landscapes, fashion and beauty, wildlife, and of course weddings. I’m also a dab hand at SEO and help other photographers with theirs.

I love to travel!

Everyone has one love in life, and for me it’s travel. I’ve been all over the place (I think it’s 40-odd countries now) and I’ll still be wandering around the world deep into my old age, I’m sure. 

I’m often asked where is my favourite place, and I can’t get it down to just one. But I can say it was either Kenya, Peru or Thailand .. all for very different reasons.


On a wedding day there’s always some stress, but I love to work with couples who find it funny when stuff doesn’t quite go to plan! It can become a fantastic story you can tell for the next few decades.

I also love to stay mostly in the background, but I’m very chatty, so I like people to think of me as a guest with a great camera rather than a wedding photographer. In fact, that’s how a lot of guests do see me, right up until the formal photos, when we only have a short amount of time and I turn into a drill instructor! Just kidding, I’m pretty relaxed then too.