This is me in Iceland, feeling very cold. I thought I'd share something a little different to the usual headshots!


Who a photographer is tends to influence their photography more than any other single element.

Above all, I love to laugh, so people tend to be natural and relaxed around me. We have fun, no matter what. Your wedding photographs should be a really enjoyable experience for you both!

What else though? Here are some random facts and snippets to save you trying to stalk me online.

Great question.

For me the unusual mix of creative, technical and emotional really interests me. Over a decade later, I’m still hooked!

I think winning National Photographer of the Year with the Guild of Photographers.

It’s actually a lens – the Sigma 50mm 1.4.

I was one of the first UK photographers to start using a “fast 50mm” at weddings and I loved the photos I was producing immediately. That hasn’t changed.

Outside of being able to use a camera well, I’d say being able to read situations very quickly.

I spent a lot of time looking very closely at faces when doing beauty photography and I learned all of the little changes in muscles which show peoples feelings. Now, I’m very in tune with this at a wedding.

Now that’s a hard question.

Maybe Morocco because it has such a unique style. Or Iceland because I love the landscapes there.

The groom managed to get his own name wrong in the ceremony! He had a couple of middle names and got muddled.

These kinds of things worry brides and grooms, but in reality it just makes everyone laugh and lifts the atmosphere … so don’t worry!

When I was much younger, I loved Action Man. As I got a little older, Lego was the thing.

But the present which I loved the most was a blue and yellow Raleigh BMX. I was obsessed with it!

Yes, I do. It’s Professor Brian Cox.

I’m a bit of an amateur scientist and I love what he’s done for bringing science to the masses.

This is going to be tough.. but I’ll give it a go. In no particular order:

  • Goodfellas
  • City of God
  • Good Will Hunting
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • The Bourne Trilogy (not quite one film, I know)

It’s a tough one .. but probably Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra.

Well, actually neither. I’m sorry I know it’s not very British of me!

If I’m pushed, it would be a peppermint tea. But that’s as close as I get to either.

I’ve been all over the world .. but I think the beaches of the Philippines.


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