Beautiful Wedding Albums

Beautiful Wedding Albums

I’m often asked whether a wedding album is still necessary in these days of Facebook, Instagram and digital storage.

My answer is always the same; absolutely!

When people were asked what they’d grab if there was a fire at the house, most people would choose their photos. These memories are truly important to people.

Sure, I offer a download of many hundreds of photos and that’s important to you. However, social media changes. Hard disks fail. However, your wedding album becomes a treasured family heirloom.

That’s why every wedding photography package from me contains an album.

Custom designed for you

Top of customer wishes is to ensure that their wedding album is designed specifically for them.

This makes sense; it’s your wedding and you want to choose how the resulting book looks.

So, we go through a simple and quick process:

  1. You choose the photos
  2. I design the album
  3. You feedback your changes
  4. <repeat> until happy.

Wonderful album options

Each wedding is delivered with a 10″ x 10″ 15-page mini-album. If that doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of choices which you’ll love.

You can choose from different print styles and different covers, including luxurious leathers and your own photos.

I offer two companies; Queensberry in New Zealand are the Rolls Royce of the wedding album industry. C41S, a local boutique supplier, offer the same exceptional print quality but are more available from a more reasonable cost.

Whatever you choose, your photos will look stunning and allow you and your family to relive your wedding day time and time.

High quality throughout

The wedding albums I offer are designed to last; otherwise would be the point?

First, both companies offer tried and tested industry-standard print options which have longevity at their heart.

And to make sure it stays together, binding is strong, with the album being carefully assembled to ensure it feels bespoke, just like your wedding day.

If you’d like to see some albums in the flesh (and you really should), get in touch.

A fully designed album

When I’m designing your wedding album, my goal is to present the story of your day, but also to show the details which you spent so much time deciding on and to ensure that you remember the friends and family who were important to you.

So what does a final album look like? Take a look through the pages of a sample album to see.

Learn more about Queenberry albums

If you would like the very best wedding album, Queensberry will always fit the bill.

I stock the full range of Queensberry albums; all of the print styles, all of the cover options, all of the sizes.

This means, if you’ve spotted a beautiful red 18″ x 12″ Duo .. I can do that for you. Or if you want a more traditional 12″ x 12″ Overlay Matted album, I can offer that too.

Whatever you would like, I can deliver it, worldwide.

Sit back and relax

The easiest way to understand the options from Queensberry is to enjoy a quick video. So, press play, sit back, and relax.