Beautiful wedding albums

Queensberry & C41s

Graphs showing the number of photographs taken demonstrate the enormous increase in recording of memories since even the 1990’s.

Your wedding story will be a number of hundred photos among the trillion taken every year, but amongst the most treasured that you’ll ever encounter.

So, when I’m asked if a printed wedding album is still an essential purchase these days, my answer is always .. absolutely. These are photographs you never want to misplace or lose, and wedding album offers this security.

Social media changes, technology changes, but your album is forever.

All wedding albums are custom designed to perfectly fit your beautiful wedding story. A perfect album cover will be available which complements the style of your photographs.

Learn more about the wedding album manufacturers below.


If you would like the most outstanding wedding album, Queensberry will fit the bill.

Queensberry, based in New Zealand, were born to create the ultimate hand-made wedding album .. and send them worldwide. Founded in 1969, their constant high-quality production standards have earned them awards and partners with the best photographers in the world.

Choose from either a Duo or Flushmount album.

I’ve been offering Queensberry albums for nearly ten years and even the oldest still look incredibly fresh.


An artisan British supplier, C41s successfully marry cost-effectiveness with beautiful quality. Exceptional print standards are at their core.

This boutique album manufacturer have an enviable dedication to printing. Their history is long and detailed; they are named after a film stock from the 1980’s – from before digital had been dreamt of – which demonstrates their heritage.

If you would like a British made wedding album, C41s is a fantastic choice.

Sample album spreads

Your wedding album is designed from scratch with your wedding day in mind. Take a look through a sample album to see how yours might look.

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It would be lovely to hear about how you’re planning to celebrate your marriage, so please get in touch.