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Up to 7 hours of photography

Up to 150 images

Online gallery

High resolution images




Up to 9 hours of photography

Up to 250 images

Online gallery

High resolution images




Up to 11 hours of photography

Up to 400 images

Online gallery

High resolution images


Wedding albums are available from £500 (10×10 with 20 pages). Additional charges will be required for weddings which are more than 50 miles from Warrington.


How long do you stay on a wedding day?

That depends on which option you’ve have chosen, but I always arrive at each wedding half an hour early and often leave a little later than I’m booked for.

Is it possible to have a second shooter?

I’m really sorry, but I work alone.

I can’t find anyone who would photograph in the same style as I do and who I could trust with your special day.

When is our balance due

The final invoice comes out a month before the wedding.

Typically people pay it a couple of weeks before the wedding, but I’m fairly relaxed as long as it’s paid before the day.

I have an online card payment system so it’s really easy to do this.

Do you take formal group photos?


The people who you chose to attend your wedding are important to you. It would be sad not to have photos of them.

However, I like to limit this to around 6-8 photographs in order that your say isn’t taken up just with you smiling at a camera!

Do you require a meal?

Well, require is a very strong word, but it’s incredibly generous when people do book me a meal!

I just need to know either way.

How long does it take for the photos to be ready?

Typically this takes around 6 weeks, but it can take 8 weeks in high season or if I’m on holiday (yes, it does happen!). 

I’ll endeavor to let you know if there’s going to be a delay though.

Do you take black & white photos too?

All photos are taken in colour, but I deliver a selection of the photos in black & white too. Typically this is around 25% of the photos.

If you’d like all colour, or more black & white, just let me know!

Can we print and share the photos?

Yes! Please do!

There’s nothing more depressing than a photograph that’s sat there never being used. Share them with all of your guests and ask them to print them too!

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I do. I have professional indemnity and personal liability insurances.

Can we chat / meet / ask questions?

Yes to all of those.

We can meet if you’re local, have a phone or skype call if you’re not, or you can contact me to ask any further questions you have.

How do we book you?

There’s a simple form to fill in.

I’ll then send out an invoice for the retainer. This will either be £250, £350 or £500 pounds, depending on your package choice.

When you’ve paid the invoice, you’re all booked in!