Philippines Palawan Islands Paradise

Food for the soul means something different to us all. For me, sleeping on the beach of a deserted island fit that incredibly well.

We began the FlashPack tour in the capital, Manilla, at a beautiful colonial style hotel before transferring the The Nest in Palawan, which has been voted the best island in the world.

Is that fair in my opinion? I would say it’s pretty well deserved.

The few days of island travel began soon after and we transferred to a boat with plenty of sun protection (you’ll need this, I promise) for the crossing from Palawan into the islands to the North East and our eventual home for a few nights …

… an actual deserted island!

Given how far away it was from civilisation we were well looked after and spent several days enjoying rest and relaxation combined with swimming and snorkeling. By far the most memorable experience was sleeping on the beach; the stars were incredible overnight and the golden sunlight looked amazing as we woke.

I can honestly say this was one of the best experiences of my life. If you’re looking for something to do that’s a little unique and adventurous for your honeymoon, take a look.

The rest of the trip consisted of unique adventures and beautiful hotels to relax in. A truly fantastic few weeks.

Photographed with Sony RX100.


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