Perfect Portofino - Italy

On a recent trip to Milan, I wanted to take the opportunity to check out Portofino.

It’s one of those locations which always ends up in photographs that are shared on Facebook .. so how perfect does it really look?

It’s good for a photographer to take time out to do their own studies. It stops you becoming boring. On a wedding day – especially a destination wedding in the sun – it’s important that photographs are taken pretty quickly.

So, taking time to think of new ways to see the world on your days off is essential. How do scenes make me feel? What do I want to include in a photograph, and what do I want to avoid? These are key questions and should largely be instinct by the time a photographer is shooting weddings.

Portofino, and Santa Margherita Ligure (which is the town that starts and ends the set of photographs), are just a few minutes ferry away from each other – or about an hour if you want to walk.

Both towns are beautiful, but Portofino truly deserves it’s status as a Facebook Share-fest.

One thing that struck me was the amount of jet engine trails in the sky; it was a shame in some ways, but I guess not something that’s easy to get around.

When looking around, I was aware of how different light in the Mediterranean is compared to back in the UK. For someone who doesn’t look at light a lot, this might seem an odd statement, but the quality of light is very different and very attractive, especially when bounced.

Anyway. On to the photographs. If you’re getting married here, please do get in touch!


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