Wrenbury Hall Wedding Photography

Ryan & Liz chose Wrenbury Hall for their wedding. They had a day full of love, fun and sunshine!

I joined Liz and the girls at Wrenbury Hall in the morning for makeup, hair, a few bacon sandwiches and pastries and plenty of orange juice (they were well looked after!). A few nerves aside, there were smiles everywhere as she slipped into her wedding dress and as she made her way to her father, who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, it was obvious they were going to have a fantastic day.

And then it was walking down the aisle to a groom, who was waiting patiently. Vows, huge, kisses and a signing led them through to being man and wife.

As they made their way outside, there was a glow in the room, captured perfectly using relaxed reportage photography techniques.


Once outside, they were showered with confetti and reminisced with friend about their journey to this point, while nibbling on canapes. Group photographs and couple portraits followed, which led on to the important dinner and speeches. Ryan was on form as he entertained their guests!

Yes, and then it was time for the evening guests to arrive and the final traditions: cutting the cake and the first dance.

They dispensed with these with confidence and ended the night with cigars, sparklers and a superb fireworks show .. and plenty more dancing.


It would be lovely to hear about how you’re planning to celebrate your marriage, so please¬†get in touch.